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Created: prior to 2018

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Email Based Work Orders

You rely on information relating to completed Work Orders but it is not always easily available, especially when dealing with contractors or occasional maintenance employees. Ideally, these people would enter all their work information directly into Maintenance Connection however, due to various reasons, this is not possible ... Until now. Email Based Work Order gives you the ability to electronically capture WO information through the simplicity of regular email. This extremely simple but effective solution works with all popular email clients without the need for additional software or plug-ins. Various software based systems such as Outlook and Outlook Express, popular web mail systems from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, etc. and even popular mobile mail clients such as Blackberry and Iphone can all be used to complete and document work directly into Maintenance Connection, saving you time and ensuring accuracy of your data. Just assign and issue the work order to your contractor or employee and the system will send them an email based work order complete with simple use instructions. Once they have completed the work, they reply to the email, follow the simple instructions and hit send. The system will intercept the reply email and “read and enter” valuable information into your Maintenance Connection database including the completion date and time and all work reports. Even attachments such as pictures or invoices will be stored with your completed work order in your Maintenance Connection system. Expand the effectiveness of your Maintenance Connection system today with the Email Based Work Orders System.

Incredibly Easy to Use


Every emailed Work Order comes with complete instructions on how to enter the work information thereby eliminating the need for any training. Providing the completion information you need is simple for your work force.

Know Exactly How to Complete the Job!


The detailed task list becomes a “how to” manual ensuring the job is done right the first time. All your important work and safety tasks are always with the work order.

Record Completion Information Just Once


Don’t spend precious office time transcribing the illegible notes from paper work orders. Your work force can enter them directly via standard email and have it automatically update the main system each day.

Capture All the Information for the Job


This system lets you record any type of information required including images, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc. A contractor can even attach his invoice for the job which is stored with the completed Work Order in your Maintenance Connection database.