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Created: prior to 2018

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What is available in Named or Concurrent, any combination that you want?

All common Maintenance Connection Everywhere MCe/MCxLE product modules are available in both concurrent and named license options. You can mix and match, which means you can have some named and some concurrent, whatever combination works best for you.

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Concurrent licensing allows you to purchase only as many licenses as you require users of the system at any particular time. You can have as many people accessing the system with the only limitation being the number of people using it. at exactly the same time. This is like, for example, the limited number of chairs in a typical lunchroom.Everybody can sit down to eat their lunch – they just have to take turns.

The system has a concurrent user manager built in that allows you to set system wide auto-logoff times. The manager will, automatically, logoff a user who has not done anything in the system for the defined period of time thereby freeing up the license for someone else to use. This time period can be over ridden on an individual basis if required and there is the ability for authorized users to force the log off of individual users.

For average use users, a general guide line of a 3 to 1 ratio between the number of total users (excluding service requesters) and the number of concurrent licenses works well. This ratio will vary based on how the system is used. If some users only use the system for a few minutes a day, then you may find 10 to 1 works fine. If there are a large number of heavy users such as maintenance supervisors, active managers, etc., then the ratio may be less, resulting in the need for more licenses, and a normal recommendation that, for those users, you go to named licenses.

Concurrent also works well for many shift work environments where a given user may be a heavy user during their shift, but then someone else uses it during the next shift.

Concurrent Licensing is available for all common Maintenance Connection Everywhere (MCe/MCxLE) modules. The ones that are not available concurrent are ‘Enterprise’ meaning no limitations.

Concurrent Licensing is available for Accruent’s Maintenance Connection product like MRO.

What is available in only Named?

Accruent products like MRO, Technician Work Center and Express

  • Prior to 2016 were all concurrent. If you bought back then, you can convert one time (no going back) to named.

  • 2019 and later, all new systems are ‘named’. Add-ons to older ‘concurrent’ databases are required to be ‘concurrent’ unless you convert the whole database to named.

Accruent products are concurrent or named ‘by database’, so all for a given database must be either all named or all concurrent.

This ‘per database’ rule does not apply to MCe/MCxLE products. You can have MCe/MCxLE named and concurrent alongside of both Accruent named and Accruent concurrent. For clarity: If you have a Accruent named Maintenance Connection database, you can on the same database have both MCe/MCxLE named and concurrent.

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Named licensing is lower cost than concurrent, but it is one specific person, one licenseHence ‘named’ meaning a person is named to that license.

New Accruent systems require that your MRO and Express users all be named, concurrent licenses are not available for those license types. Maintenance Connection Everywhere MCe/MCxLE licenses are available in your choice (mix and match) of named and concurrent on any system.

All Accruent and Maintenance Connection Canada licenses allow you to change who the specific named license is named to a couple times a year to accommodate changes in staff.​​

What is available in Enterprise?

Certain features come with Enterprise licensing, where there is no limit to how many or how many concurrent users can use it an a time:

  • Service requester
  • Maintenance Connection LoginHub
  • Maintenance Connection DataHub
  • KPI dashboard
  • Rules and Notification manager
  • Financial Integration Web Service
  • MCe/MCxLE license manager (included free if you buy one or more MCe/MCxLE licenses of any type.)

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Certain functions within Maintenance Connection as made available on an Enterprise basis. This means that as many users as you require can have access to this functionality at the same time. The Service Requester application is an example of this. Every system, no matter how many concurrent or named user licenses are purchased, includes the enterprise service requester.

Legacy ‘Device’ licensing:

Legacy MCe product (prior to 2016) were only avaliable licensed ‘per device’. These were all upgraded in 2018 at no charge to ‘per user’ (named) with you being allowed to run on 3 devices per user. (For example: Your cell phone, your tablet, your laptop, all with one named license instead of the 3 device licenses required prior to 2016)

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Prior to 2016 Maintenance Connection Everywhere functionality was available on a device license basis. This meant that each device that needed to load and manipulate system information needs its own license. These were all upgraded free to either Named or Concurrent in the 2017-2018 timeframe.


MRO stands for ‘Maintenance, Repair & Operations’ and Accruent’s MRO stands for ‘Maintenance, Repair & Operations Work Center’