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Maintenance Connection Canada

Created: prior to 2018

Accruent (Maintenance Connection Inc.) has been an authorized dealer of MCC products and professional services since 2003, 100’s of their biggest customers use our products. MCC has been a dealer of their products for the same period. Our team provides a depth and wealth of experience with MC that you can’t find anywhere else.

We have dealers on 5 continents, bringing products and services to make the best CMMS stand even further ahead of the competition. We have maintained over 90% of our customers throughout this time.

We directly sell, but never compete with our dealers in the Americas.

If you are selling Accruent’s CMMS solutions and you want to give your customers the best experience and optimize your profit, you need Maintenance Connection Canada on your team.

What do we provide?

We provide software like the award winning MC Everywhere,truemobile CMMS, MC LoginHub and DataHub. User hosting with low latency, Professional services. For more details read on, then contact us to become one of our dealers and have the company with the most MC experience in the world on your team.

MCe: Mobile CMMS Everywhere your customers want to work'

Maintenance Connection Everywhere (MCe) has been providing Accruent and other customers around the world with an award winning offline/online mobile product. 16 years of experience syncing the correct data to have a real mobile solution that works everywhere. Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux & more. Optimized for Cell phones, tablets, laptops (touch & mouse)

WO, Inventory, Inventory Count, Assets even Hierarchical procedures (that become hierarchical tasks), collapse and expand, works for multiple levels of experience (give details for less experienced technician with the same procedure that is convenient for experienced technicians.)

Many advanced features for WO and more, real mobile optimization, adaptive for different device sizes and user needs, see our web site or use the QR code above for more info.

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

  1. Concurrent and named licenses available on the same system to meet your particular needs

  2. User definable layouts to ensure it works the way you do

  3. HTML5 based eliminates the hassle of installing specialty apps

Work Everywhere, Online & Offline – Real Mobile

  • Continue to work and retain all data when no connection is available

  • Get access to all MC data when connected to the internet

  • Inventory count that works where the inventory is

  • Work orders anywhere you need them, even if you are without internet for a week or more!

  • Mangers work on subway or bus to and from the office

LoginHub: User management, SSO, true security

We bring full login, user management and SSO through the Maintenance Connection LoginHub, as we say, user management and login experience … So much more than just the SSO checkbox on an RFP. As one customer said “This is what I expected to get when I asked for SSO”. The SSO part is easy, it’s all the user management and tools for the IT department that make LoginHub stand above all other options.

Let the maintenance department do what they do best. Stop forcing them to remember yet another account, yet more passwords and security and yet more ways for your data to leak and be compromised. Put security in the hands of the people who worry about it every day. Ensure contact information for the service requesters are kept up to date, disable users who are no longer employed, off load the daily user management from your highly experienced maintenance staff so they are able to do their best.

Okta, Ping, Azure AD, Active Directory, Auth0 with dozens more here and coming soon.

And in addition to all this, it provides many options for SSO as well! An included optional feature that almost all LoginHub customers use. Many bought it for just that feature alone–then found they needed and wanted the rest.

Accruent uses LoginHub for hundreds of their largest customers.

Maintenance Connection DataHub

For more than a decade, the DataHub has been bringing the Maintenance Connection family of products together with data imported on demand from: IoT (before they were called IoT!), Sensors, Meters, MS Dynamics GP (Great Plains), MS Dynamics NAV (Navision), SAP Software and … as you would expect from Maintenance Connection Canada, many more. We are designed to be flexible for talking to everyone. Template driven setup. Works with almost any source that can put data out into a file.

Hosting Services – with customer safe backups

We can provide cloud hosting SaaS solutions for MC-MRO, MC-Express, MCe, LoginHub, DataHub and GISHub. We put servers near the customers to reduce latency.

We have developed 1 click upgrades and greatly simplified installs of MC and all our products for customers not on Accruent servers, yes even for MRO. We have been doing this since 2003.

We provide full backup for the companies using these services so that, while we have never had it happen, if and when a disaster such as ransomware occurs, there are multiple off-site disconnected backups. We also give customers access to their backups, we believe that your data belongs to you, not to who ever is hosting your data.

We provide backup service also to our on-prem customers two of which have been hit by ransomware and we were able to get them up and running again within hours with their CMMS data (they weren’t so lucky with some of their other software – their backup strategies were compromised.)

Professional services with people who have years experience

Our professional services bring custom reports, install and other support to your customers if that is not your area of expertise. Several on our team have been with MC since 2003 to 2005. We know MC inside and out.

Accruent sells our software, our install services and our other professional services and has since the beginning. Talk to us about how we can help you increase your income with happier customers.

Contact us for details: for details of our offerings and how to become a dealer of our products.

Add us to your team and find out while 100’s of customers, and dealers throughout the world have partnered with Maintenance Connection Canada.

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