How do MCe marketing quality pixel perfect reports from the CMMS help get happier and more trusting customers?

Created: 2023.03.10

Various news reports through the years have shown how many (maybe just a few) auto repair shops take advantage of customer's lack of knowledge about auto repair to get them to pay for unnecessary and expensive repairs - or pay a lot more for repairs than is reasonable for the repair in question.

Using MCe marketing quality reports they provide their customers detail, with photos of the parts that have a problem, documenting, again with pictures and text, the areas of the car that may be coming up soon needing repairs, and finally documenting with pictures the issues that are perfectly fine, if the customer is getting a full inspection, and have no need of being watched or repaired.

The reports are emailed to the customer and the customer is encouraged to take their time to make a decision. This low pressure solution lets them review the information, zoom in on the pictures, email the report to trusted advisors before committing to the repairs.

By not feeling pressured to make a decision, and by having all the pictures and details to make a decision leaves them with customers that are more trusting and happier.

They know that their prices are competitive. They know that the customer may be able to get the work down somewhere else for a little less - but not by a lot. As a result, yes, they lose a few customers who go with the absolute lowest price competitor they can find - but for the majority of customers, the trust they engender means that their customers don't trust the 'cheap rate' competitor as much - so the majority choose the one that gave them the detailed assessment, even though a little more expensive.

When the work is done ZCW sends them a 'final' report showing the new parts installed and any other relevant information.

More important, the customers who do have them do the work trust them, recommend their friends, show their friends the reports they get, return for future work