Maintenance Connection Everywhere (MCe) is a mobile-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that is designed to be accessible both online and offline. This makes it an essential tool for hotels, which often need to manage maintenance operations in real-time and may not always have reliable internet connectivity, especially for the people doing the work in areas of the hotel that may have spotty internet.

One of the key benefits of using MCe at a hotel is that it allows maintenance teams to access and update important information about their operations even when they are in areas of the hotel and grounds that do not have WiFi or cell reception and therefore are not reliably connected to the internet. This can be crucial for ensuring that all aspects of the hotel's maintenance operations are running smoothly and efficiently, even in the face of disruptions or other challenges.

Another advantage of MCe is that it is specifically designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. This means that even maintenance staff members who are not particularly tech-savvy can quickly learn how to use the system and start updating and tracking their work in real-time.

One of the key features of MCe is its ability to track and manage a wide range of different maintenance tasks, including preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and emergency repairs. This allows hotel maintenance teams to prioritize their work and ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Another important feature of MCe is its ability to automatically generate reports based on the data that is entered into the system. This can be useful for providing visibility into the performance of the maintenance team and identifying any potential areas for improvement, making it easier for managers to do a better job.

MCe is used around the world in hotels from first world nations such as Canada, USA and much of Europe to tourist destinations such as Costa Rica and Panama. This even extends to allowing managers from 1000's of miles or kilometers away to monitor and manage their units. With offline manager tools, work orders and projects can be created while flying or otherwise not attached to the internet, and technicians can do their work whether that work has great internet, poor or no internet.

Overall, Maintenance Connection Everywhere (MCe) is an essential tool for hotels that need to manage their maintenance operations in real-time and ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. By providing access to key information even when offline, and by offering a range of useful features, MCe can help hotels to maintain their operations smoothly and reliably.