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Implementing a new software system should never be taken lightly. Experience and knowledge are all-important ingredients that will help to ensure the success of the deployment. Maintenance Connection Canada's software and skilled personnel possess those traits.

Maintenance Connection Canada heritage stretches back to the beginning of the PC revolution. In 1982, the principals founded to developed enterprise class accounting and billing PC software for use in small and medium sized municipalities. As the company grew, they expanded the offerings to include payroll, maintenance, utility billing and GIS, while developing a large number of international technical and business contacts. In 1996, this company was sold to focus on developing commercial programming tools, advanced transactional Internet projects, as well as providing general development consulting in Western Canada.

In 2003 the business changed focus with the securing of the Canadian rights to Maintenance Connection© asset/work management software. Soon after the Canadian rights were acquired, Maintenance Connection Canada expanded the capabilities of the Maintenance Connection© system through the development of mobile workforce software for Maintenance Connection software.

Along with the marketing, sales and support, Maintenance Connection Canada is a key development partner for Maintenance Connection with an expanded range of add-ons that are deployed by customers world wide.




Ray Schoepfer, President and Peter Horwood, Vice President of Development have vast experience in the software development industry and have the necessary credentials to successfully manage the sales, marketing, product development and support for Maintenance Connection Canada Inc. Individually, they have over a quarter century of experience, each, in marketing, product development and general management in small businesses in Western Canada, primarily with Maintenance Connection Canada, Auto-administrator Int'l. and aRenDeeco Inc. Under their leadership Auto-administrator qualified as a Branham Group 100 Top IT companies in Canada for 1995, while growing to become the most widely used municipal accounting and management system in Canada.


Current Services


Maintenance Connection Canada Inc. currently has three offices in Canada. The Calgary head office offers all general management, marketing and software development as well as sales, installation and support for the Prairie region. All custom programming, data migration and integration is also offered out of the Calgary office. The Vancouver office offers sales, installation and support for the Pacific North West region. The Ontario office offers sales, installation and support for Ontario and east region. Maintenance Connection Canada realizes the importance of proper installation and training on a new system, and therefore ensures that the support personnel are experienced and properly trained to effectively offer our clients a valuable resource. Not only are our support people properly versed in computer technology, they also have experience in professional training and industry related functions which allows them to truly understand the needs and challenges faced by our clients.Many situations require the ability to migrate existing electronic records or the facility to provide interoperability of Maintenance Connection© with existing systems. These services are provided directly by Maintenance Connection Canada staff or by competent outside contractors. As well, Maintenance Connection Canada can also offer customization and full development services to their clients where required.